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About Shanna


Shanna Pearson, The short fast quick brief condensed summary.

 Over the past 19 years Shanna Pearson has been pioneering programs for over 120 organizations, as well as coaching and leading seminars that have helped thousands of professionals across Canada and the U.S. catapult their lives to the next level.


For years Shanna struggled with the pain and difficulties of having ADD in a world that only seems to recognize the "average Joe", even though easily distracted, restless, slightly scattered adults are extremely common, sometimes almost the norm!

At age 32, following multiple successful business ventures and career paths in 5 different countries, Shanna was diagnosed as an "Adult with ADHD".  But what does that really mean?  Is it a disease?  Most people don't even know if they are ADD, or to what degree they might be.  How do you know if you or your friends or your colleagues are ADD?  Almost everyone is scattered to some degree, are you?  Is someone you know?

"What have you got that's FASTER than a speeding bullet?"

We live in a fast food, sound bite, instant gratification, information overload society. If it takes more than 15 seconds to grab you, it's too long, and 10 other things are fighting for your attention - no wonder we have become a "Society of Scatterbrains"!

Shanna Pearson has learned to utilize her own ADHD to master the specific skills necessary for "slightly scattered" adults to achieve personal, professional, and financial success.

With her characteristic infinite energy and enthusiasm, Shanna is on a mission to teach those skills to the world!

Learn to focus, learn to succeed!

Through her company "One Focus Total Success Inc." Shanna has been making a difference in the lives of thousands of slightly scattered adults from all walks of life with her inspirational and motivational genius, dynamic seminar presentation skills, and fun action based success coaching that produces outstanding results!

In addition to honours graduate work in Adult action-based Education, a B.A. in Psychology, awards for Organizational Leadership Excellence, numerous instructor development, leadership, business and counseling courses and other formal credentials, Shanna's education also includes 20 years of experience being personally mentored and coached by world famous success-trainer and bestselling author, T. Harv Eker (The Millionaire Mind Intensive & "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind").

Some of Shanna's Professional Experience includes:
  • President, Program Manager, and Master-Trainer: One Focus Total Success Inc.  Over 3480 clients on track and achieving personal success.
  • Production and presentation of University Success workshops for students with ADHD, Accessibility Centre Counselors, and Campus professors at Universities and Colleges throughout Canada and the United States. 

  • Master Coach trainer for company’s certified ADHD and executive coaches.

  • Keynote speaker: 2010 CCDI Conference (College Committee on Disability Issues) for all Ontario Accessibility counsellors.
  • Seminar leader at the national CADDAC Conference December 2011.
  • 19 years leading and managing coaching and training programs for over 120 public and private organizations.  Design and production of action-based programs for 6000+ clients/ participants throughout North America (incl: NYC, CT, CA, PA, BC, Ont.)
  • Producer and Director: Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion's primary Health and Fitness program for adults in the workplace.
  • 15 years coaching/ leading programs & events with Peak Potentials Training: Guerilla Business School, Life Directions, Warrior Training camp, Train the Trainer.