Meet Shanna Pearson

President, One Focus Total Success Inc.

The short fast quick brief condensed unprolonged summary:
Shanna Pearson, founder and president of One Focus Total Success Inc., has over 19 years of experience pioneering Focus and Goal achievement programs for 120 public and private organizations, as well as coaching and leading seminars that have helped thousands of adults across Canada and the U.S. catapult their lives to the next level. 
In addition to graduating with honors in Post-grad Education; a B.A. in Psychology; Numerous business & counseling courses; and International awards for Organizational Leadership Excellence, Shanna's credentials include a lifetime of mastering her own ADHD to create the #1 coaching system in North America designed exclusively for Attention Deficit and "easily distracted" adults to achieve personal, professional, and financial success!   

Meet the rest of the Team

Wendy Amara, Director of Coaching.
* MA., BA.; Certified Coach

Wendy Amara is a highly accomplished Speaker, Trainer, Best Selling Author, and Executive Coach. Her results oriented, no-holding-back approach causes accelerated breakthroughs for her clients and has them stay accountable to producing extraordinary results.

Wendy has coached thousands of individuals, including numerous CEO's and high positioned appointed and elected officials. She supports all of her clients with gaining more organization, focus, and clarity, while providing a trusting space for her clients to do the deeper work of creating new habits that lead to a more masterful and productive "ADHD-friendly" life.

Wendy is a contributing author to the Best Selling book: "The Art and Science of Success". She lives in California with her husband and baby girl.

Dr. Mark Weaver, One Focus Total Success Executive Coach.
*  Ph.D. Clinical Psychology; M.S, Professional/ Scientific Psychology, Certified Coach.

For over 25 years, Dr. Mark Weaver has worked with individuals, teams, and organizations as a psychologist, medical school faculty member, and owner/operator of numerous thriving businesses.

Dr. Weaver has been recognized as a highly skilled change agent. His work as psychologist has involved applying innovative behavioral tools with people needing structure and systems in an ever-changing chaotic world, in addition to leading the development of corporate simulation learning programs as director of the Experiential Learning Institute! He has successfully helped emerging businesses, Fortune 100 companies, as well as governmental, civic and non-profit organizations identify and foster the right next-step competencies to effectively get where they want to go.

Mark is with broad experience and has an incredible knack for engaging people quickly around their needs and goals. He is warm, easy to talk to, and has a quick mind and heart to connect with people and provide exceptional tools to foster growth and increased fulfillment!!

Jodi Watson, One Focus Total Success Executive Coach.
* B.A.; Certified Executive Coach, Mindfulness Trainer, Brain rehabilitation specialist.

For over 20 years, Jodi Watson has specialized in working with Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors to move forward in their lives both cognitively and emotionally.

While coaching adults with ADHD, Jodi applies her extraordinary expertise in impairments of the frontal lobe to effectively help you improve self awareness, set and achieve goals, use effective time management strategies, learn stress management strategies, as well as other fundamental techniques to retrain your brain.

Additionally, since the mind has over 50,000 thoughts a day, Jodi adds the benefits of Mindfulness training to her ADHD-coaching in order to have you control potential overwhelm and gain much greater focus!

Kristin Lloyd, One Focus Total Success Executive Coach.
* M.S, Psychology & Counseling; LMHC; PhD candidate Psychology (President’s List); Certified Coach.

For over 10 years, Kristin Lloyd has been creating outstanding results for individuals & couples, as well as for organizations and small businesses. She is a highly accomplished psychotherapist, college educator, and business consultant, with a lifetime of personal experience successfully managing her own ADHD symptoms!

Kristin works with each of her clients as a strategist and catalyst for personal and professional growth. Through her invigorating and transformative facilitation skills, Kristin has been guiding individuals, couples, and executives to achieve dramatic breakthroughs in motivation, self-confidence, productivity, commitment, stress reduction, as well as reinventing one's future for success.

Kristin’s coaching and trainings result in increased action, productivity, focused energy, and -of course- measurable results!!

Jacquie Keller, One Focus Total Success ADHD Coach.
*  BSW, RSW, Certified Coach

Jacquie has been personally trained by Shanna Pearson for over 7 years. She is an ADHD coach working with Students as well as executives.

Jacquie holds a Bachelors of Social Work degree from the University of Calgary. She is the parent of six children.

Dr. Ira Schweitzer, One Focus Total Success Executive Coach.
*  MSW, Ed. Doctorate.

Dr. Ira Schweitzer is a professor of Psychology at Canada’s largest college. Since 1973, Ira has been a trainer and educator for both large groups and individuals. Holding a Doctorate in education, and being specifically certified in Brain and learning techniques, Ira wears many hats in the world of ADHD Coaching: he is a Social Worker; a Cognitive Behavior Therapist; a certified trainer for Tribes Interactive Education; and an organizational Education director.

Beyond Ira’s wealth of education and professional experience, he has become a true expert in managing adult ADHD Challenges. Drawing upon his own life-experience living with ADHD, and raising a child with ADHD, Ira now coaches students and professionals to successfully manage a myriad of ADHD-related challenges in their lives, school, and careers!

Susan Durik, One Focus Total Success Executive Coach.
* BA, Certified Coach

Susan Durik is a highly experienced leader, coach, and trainer with over 20 years of experience leading breakthrough programs to over 12,000 people! Her corporate clients include dozens of business owners, C-levels, and VP’s of Fortune 500 companies. A business owner herself, Susan understands the importance of unrelenting Focus in order to follow-through and achieve one’s dreams.

As the mother of a grown son with ADHD, Susan knows first hand that adults with ADHD are creative, intelligent and energizing. She is able to easily have her clients learn the cutting-edge techniques to be empowered, in control, and productive, in order to lead a successful and happy life.

Susan is also a community leader, conference speaker and book author. She lives in Southern California with her two sons and loves body surfing(!)

Heather MacMillan, One Focus Total Success Executive Coach.
* B.Sc., B.Ed., Certified Coach

Heather MacMillan is a talented executive coach and educator with a diverse background in health, business, community, corporate training, and personal/professional development.  Her formal education in neuroscience and human behavior all support her passion and ability to support individuals to become focused, and implement custom management strategies to achieve personal and professional success!

During the past 12 years Heather has created and presented numerous high-impact training programs for federal and provincial government departments, as well as local businesses and community groups.

Heather understands personally the obstacles faced by adults with ADHD and will ensure you overcome those challenges, learn to manage your life effectively, and transition successfully to maximize your results and live your life to the fullest!

Dave Barlow, One Focus Total Success Executive and Business Coach.
*  QBE, Certified Coach

Dave Barlow has enjoyed an impressive career that included his role as Chief Operating Officer of the major Canadian fast-food chain, Harvey's Restaurants, and previously spent several years in senior management positions responsible for logistics. He also spent several years as a board member, and subsequently Chairman, of an influential National Industry Association.

Dave's passion is for helping people ignite their potential and he has a superb track record of doing so! He has first-hand family experience with ADHD and has brought awareness to clients who themselves have experienced the trials, tribulations, and gifts of ADHD.

Dave's expertise and success lies in helping his clients reframe or eliminate impediments to progress, and set new horizons for professional growth – all by way of capitalizing upon each person's unique talents, learning styles and preferences!

Donna Steinhorn, One Focus Total Success Executive coach.
* B.Sc., Certified Coach, Exec. VP: Coachville

Donna Steinhorn is an internationally known Executive Coach and Life strategist with more than 30 years of corporate, business and non-profit experience.

Donna has taught, coached and mentored thousands of individuals through her coaching and workshops, and as the former Executive Vice President of Coachville and past Dean of the Thomas Leonard Coaching School. She has sat on multiple non-profit and corporate boards over the past 30 years, and is currently a board member of the Transformational Leadership Council, founded by Jack Canfield. Donna is also the Co-Organizer of TEDxNavesink in NJ.